February 18, 2012

Hello, blog universe. I hope to maintain this as a space where I can share my attempts at reskilling myself, creating a home I am proud to live in and challenging myself to reconsider the way I live and its ramifications on the world around me.

What I want to do isn’t new or original. The skills I want to re-learn are ones forgotten by so many generations but which are slowly attempting to sneak back into ours. From sourdough bread baking to preserve making and clothing sewing I want to craft a self-reliant, self-reflective and challenging life. 

I am fortunate to live in a community of compassionate, considerate individuals who live enviable lives. In a community where local vegetables are the norm not the exception and entreprenurial folks are constantly looking for new ways to make this a healthier happier community. 

Our capitalist society has become so focused on the individual, destroying communities’ ability to support themselves. I see reskilling ourselves as the most effective way to challenge the concept of an individual only as a rational, self-serving economic actor. 

Thank you for reading, sharing and partaking. 


2 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. Greetings — I just discovered your blog, and I’m writing this comment in April, after catching up with all your posts (reading backwards, of course). Congratulations on the blog — and also on your chosen path. I admire your obvious thoughtfully chosen — and healthy — lifestyle. Would that I had such foresight and fortitude when I was your age! Anyway, your writing is delightful and I shall be reading, but forward from here. Best wishes.

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