March 19, 2012

Spring break is here and our home is full of projects, although the majority of my time will be spent thesis writing, I am attempting to find time to catch up on some things I have been putting off and to start new projects that were put on hold until some free time came around.


This one is technically M’s, he’s working on a batch of Ethiopian Honey Wine from Wild Fermentation. The water and honey mixture sat out in a wide-mouthed bowl for about a week to cultivate some wild yeast and now it is bottled in a half-gallon glass jar and topped with a one-way air lock. All those bubbles up top show that the yeasts are working hard and we’ll have a nice treat in a few weeks time.


Another recipe from Wild Fermentation, this one is a mixture of sourdough starter, teff flour and whole wheat flour, making a slightly nontraditional injera batter. We’ll be making a lentil and pumpkin stew tomorrow night to share with friends and serve with this yummy Ethiopian flat bread after its 24-hour fermentation time.

These two aren’t food projects, but crafty home projects I’m hoping to get ahead on in upcoming weeks. This summer I have a graduation and a wedding to attend (in the same day, let’s not talk about what a crammed few hours that’ll be..) to both I plan to wear a dress made from this pattern. It looks pretty challenging as it will be the first item of clothing I’ve made from a pattern in several years, so I may end up making one for practice before the one I’ll wear to the events. This week I hope to pick up fabric to get the process rolling!


20120319-175119.jpg I fell in love with this scarf pattern when I found it, and also with the yarn, which is less of a neon orange that it appears in this picture. I started it over a year ago (embarrassing, I know) but it is the first project I have embarked on that includes cables and is the hardest knitting pattern I’ve ever attempted. I’m hoping to finish it for next fall, and I’m not letting myself start any new knitting projects until I finish one of the ones I am already invested in. There’s a whole list of socks and mittens I want to try my hands on, but for now, I’m finishing what I’ve started.

Wish me luck and productivity!



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