Take a guess..

May 6, 2012


What did we spend our Sunday afternoon doing?


6 Responses to “Take a guess..”

  1. jbjosler Says:

    Making dandelion wine! I have a batch going myself.

    • walkerjdunn Says:

      Yes!! SO exciting. I am fully happy to postpone writing the last paper of my undergraduate career by making home fermented wild edibles. Life is swell. Maybe someday when you’re my roommate in Boston we can share a glass.

  2. Miss. Zoe Says:

    If your in boston, May I come to that party?! I’ve been using dandelion greens in soup recently, A bit too much was added last night, made the soup bitter, oh well! It’s a delicious alternative to chard or kale!

    • walkerjdunn Says:

      That’s a great idea! As we picked the flowers to use in wine we were wondering what we could use greens for. I hear they’re less bitter the younger they are. I can hear my landlord mowing our lawn outside, the new ones will be popping up soon! We’ll try some.
      I don’t currently live in Boston, but will be in the near future!

  3. Paul Connor Says:

    Planting flowers and vegetables

  4. Curls & Q Says:

    Morning, we’re pleased to inform you that we’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award. We love all of the home solutions you post! To see the next step visit our blog. Enjoy!

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